Who are The Waxxy Warehouse?

My name is Demi and I am the owner of The Waxxy Warehouse, I started my little Wax journey as a hobby in the mist of the global pandemic in June 2020. 3 children being home schooled, 7 months pregnant, keeping busy to pass time I began to melt. Within a matter of weeks, my house went from a newly refurbed kitchen to an actual WAXXY WAREHOUSE. orders everywhere, wax everywhere, boxes - everywhere! While the children played outside in the hot tub and scoffing as much ice cream as they could, living their best life. Mummy was in the kitchen making her hobby into a dream not forgetting cooking up another addition to the family at the same time.

In no time at all, The Waxxy Warehouse group on Facebook turned into a lovely community of women and men who just loved our products. The group continued to grow and grow as more and more people heard about us. In the middle of August our baby Via was born and within a week, I was right back at it. The demand was coming thick and fast. Luckily I bulk made stock before I had Via but it was running low.

As the children went back to school in September I had plenty of time to melt and spend quality time with Via. At this time, our staff member Daisy was with me each day helping me get through as many orders as possible. Id be breast feeding at the same time as working out numbers and times - head frazzled a few times I won't lie. She kept me sane while dancing to Pitbulls greatest hits.

We continued to grow, week by week. My dad had mentioned becoming Ltd and I thought oh no, its just a little gig till I can start doing beauty again and one particular Friday I dropped my stock and WOW - 80 ORDERS IN ONE NIGHT. This wasn't a 'little gig' this was my job! The next day I rang my accountant and he pushed through the process and with 48 hours we became The Waxxy Warehouse LTD! I did a few little happy dances that day. 80 orders in one night and I was more or less sold out. We needed a website. ASAP! Luckily for me, I have a tech savvy brother who stepped in! Took the reins and set me up our fancy website which launched on the 5th of December. Along side working with our dad, he put hours and hours into making it amazing. Cheers Dom.

So, coming up to Christmas - BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Our wonderful mum stepped in, Lisa. At one point, myself, daisy and my mum were all melting - honestly was like a production line. Name me a better trio... I'll wait...

Within a matter of weeks after Christmas we was blowing up again I needed more hands on deck! So The Waxxy Warehouse employed our first member of staff, champion jug carrier and employee of the month every month, my mum Lisa. Lock down hit and there was no way I could do it alone. We needed full time melting and full time packing, advertising, communication with the Waxxy community on Facebook, insta and tiktok - Daisy runs my tiktok as I'm useless along side that we needed full time homeschooling and a baby that wants to be breast fed constantly and I am just one person not possible but I knew we could do it.

Lisa and Daisy took the stress of making as much stock as possible while I home schooled and did everything on the organising orders and advertising side. And they have been amazing.

My husband Dan how could we forget - helping along side Dom with the website, running around constantly after me, while doing every bit of branding there is to do with my business, from logo to stickers to even perfecting the legal requirements of making our CLP and ensuring we are fully compliant. He's done this while going to work every morning and coming home every night to help.

So here we are. Our little Waxxy Team.


Lisa - Staff

Daisy -Staff

Dom - Technical Team

Dan - Tech and Branding

Lee - The one who believed in me all the way through, also my storage manager because he stores all my stuff.



The Waxxy Warehouse is CLP compliant; this means that all allergens are listed on the back of all our products. So for those with allergies and sensitivity have a piece of mind knowing that your health and safety is a priority throughout the making and labelling process of our products.

Our wax melts are hand crafted, 100% soy wax providing highly scented, long lasting wax melts to fill your home. This wax is guaranteed clean-burning and is found from a renewable source ensuring it is sustainable, throws a fantastic scent and burns for longer. Soy wax is vegan friendly and biodegradable.

Our wax melts are not mass produced, a lot of thought and love goes into every single wax melt. Each product you buy is hand poured making each one unique.

If you have any questions, just head over to our contact page and fill out the form and we will get back to you asap

From the few of us at The Waxxy Warehouse, we hope you enjoy our range of products.