Subscription boxes will be available from February/March


When you subscribe you are subscribing 3 months minimum. After your third subscription if you wish to cancel you can email us - thewaxxywarehouse@yahoo.com and we can get that sorted for you.


These subscription boxes will be themed each month.

Disney, laundry, fruity, summer, perfume, aftershave, sweet, limited... Etc..


Each box has 6 shot pots - 6 different scents.


Each month we will launch a themed Waxxy Box including six highly scented soy wax melts. Each wax melt has around 50 hours of scent release so that is potentially over 300 hours melting!


Boxes will be posted the first week of the following month so if you order in February your order will be posted first week in March (or earlier if we can!). Payment will be taken automatically on the day you order. No cash or collection option for these.


As we need to prepare, the cut off for new customers ordering the monthly box is the 22nd of the month. This gives us time to order, make and fulfill all your subscription boxes. If you sign up for the subscription service after 22nd of the month you will receive the following month's box so may have to wait a while for your Waxxy Box.


We use luxury soy wax which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. IT'S CLEAN BURNING.


We only use the best quality fragrance oils and use the highest percentage legally permitted to ensure our wax melts are strong scented. All our wax melts are suitable for vegans, pet friendly AND are cruelty free.

Subscription Box